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Catch Our Spirit

The opportunity to make a difference in another's life is one of the greater human satisfactions.

The IOBFGHF is committed to provide opportunities for participation for people to conveniently select a cause, which means something special to them.

We invite you to make a world of difference, catch our spirit and make hope a reality

Sail Kingston Cove - Youth Sailing Program

March 2017

Sail Kingston Cove (SKC) is a community non-profit corporation dedicated to providing educational opportunities to youth, with accessibility to all through sailing programs which promote safety, self-confidence, fun and an appreciation of the marine environment.

A youth sailing program for 8 – 12 year olds was developed to operate out of the Port of Kingston, serving the Greater Kingston and Edmonds, Washington areas.

Generous community financial support allowed for the purchasing of 8 Opti sailboats (2013 & 2014), hiring of US Sailing certified instructors, and running the 2015 program. After only a very short time period for marketing, SKC offered six weeks of program sailing providing 38 student-sessions, each session being 5 contact/sailing days of 6 hours/day. These sessions brought boating awareness, not only to these youths, but also to their families and neighbors.

Now starting its third season, SKC is expanding its training to include youth up to 17 years old. As the program has expanded, SKC has identified several youth that would like to learn to sail, but their families do not have the resources to pay for sailing camp.

IOBG Humanitarian Foundation has awarded Sail Kingston Cove a grant donation of $600.00 that will provide three scholarships to youth unable to pay for classes. On March 6, 2017, Lani Lightle visited the SKC Board meeting to present the grant. IOBG members from Kingston Cove Yacht Club participated in the presentation.

Sail Kingston Cove truly appreciates the contribution IOBG has made to their youth sailing program.

Gulf Harbors Yacht Club - 2016 Sailing Camp

Summer 2016

The Gulf Harbors Yacht Club, IOBG Chapter, is a member of District 8 which includes all of Florida and Mobile Bay. GHYC Sailing Program Directors Mike and Bev Ross were presented a $600 check from the IOBG Humanitarian Fund by Southeastern Vice President Robert “Buzz” Bisanz to assist with underprivileged children for 3 sailing camps.
The three scholarships from the IOBG Humanitarian Fund went to 3 children from the Boys & Girls Club, Jose Morales, "Bubba" Frissina, & Dyllan Wilson. The award recipients were joined by fellow students Blair Trowski, Claire Turnberg along with 2 student assistant coaches Michael Politano & Pedro Gonzalez.
Thanks to the generosity of the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation and GHYC members Bruce & Donna Long, three students were awarded scholarships which enabled them able to participate in the Annual GHYC sailing Camp this year. This once in a lifetime opportunity taught them basic Nautical Sailing Terminology, Fundamentals, Safe Boating Skills, and more. A former student (graduate of 3 prior courses) even returned from Miami to serve as a coach and earned high school credit for donating his time!

Lake County Yacht Club - Len Anderson / Dean Palmer Day - 2016

From Mark Vadaj, North Central VP:  I am very happy to announce that I was invited to the Lake County Yacht Club, Commodore’s Ball where I was able to present a $500.00 check from the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation to their Chapter in support of the Len Anderson / Dean Palmer Day.

This is an annual event that provides a fun filled day for the mentally and physically challenged citizens of Lake County, Ohio. This day includes transportation by Lake Tran to the yacht club for a breakfast to start the day, social activities on the club grounds with the LCYC members, a cruise on Lake Erie provided by the members and their boats, a special cookout with burgers, hotdogs, salads, fruit, beverages and dessert while a live band provides the entertainment encouraging all attendees to participate.  At the end of the day, each guest is presented with a gift to take home. 

This event has gone on for decades and with the generous support of the Humanitarian Foundation. The members of LCYC can not only continue this effort but reach out to all those in need so that nobody is left out.  I cannot think of a more noble effort by a Chapter or a more deserving recipient than these individuals, many of which are wheelchair restricted.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the H.F. and to the support and cooperation of the H.F. Executive Board. Thank you to this IOBG Chapter and the members of Lake County Yacht Club for your efforts, kindness and generosity to such a worthy cause.