IOBG Humanitarian Foundation

Local Area Projects - Application

If your organization has a charitable sailing or boating related public project in need of additional funding the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation may be of some assistance. Our Foundation is open to hearing from you about your project.

Are you interested in applying for funding for your local project?  If so, please see the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation application below.

You have a choice of either a Microsoft Word format or a PDF format. On the Microsoft Word format you will be able to complete the responses on the form provided. With the PDF format you will need to use the questions on the form as a guide to retype the questions and your responses.

See further instructions on the forms below.  Thank you for your interest in the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation.

Click here to download a Microsoft Word Version to fill out on your computer

Instructions for completion of this form:  This is a Microsoft Word document.  After downloading, save on your computer as a .doc file.

Beginning on page 2 - input your response after the statement and/or question and upon completion of each place your curser at the next line’s entry area.  If you need any more space for your response keep typing or hit enter key to get to the next line.

When the form is completed either mail or email the form as instructed at the bottom of page 1.


Click here to download a printable "Application Outline for Humanitarian Local Area Project"

Please use this application outline and attach or send supporting information which you feel will assist in presenting the merits of your project. Send the completed application to:

IOBG Humanitarian Foundation, Inc.
3517 Camino del Rio S
Suite 208
San Diego, CA  92108


Send Via Email with attachment of completed form and any other supporting attachments to: