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Directing Resources, Empowering Lives Through Water Activities, Education & Research

What is the IOBG and the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation?

The International Order of the Blue Gavel (IOBG) was founded in 1953 by Ev G. Henry as a fraternal organization of yacht club commodores who had successfully completed their years of service. The IOBG is committed to serve as a resource pool of past commodores who can benefit their yacht club and regional yachting associations with their experience.

IOBG members represent over 450 yacht clubs worldwide. These past commodores are successful business and community leaders and their participation in the IOBG Humanitarian Foundation represents rich resources committed to making a difference for others. The IOBG Humanitarian Foundation is a volunteer non-profit 501(c) (3) California public benefit corporation which:

Supports world wide humanitarian causes
Provides grants to Local Assistance Programs, and Youth Assistance Programs
Sponsors Special Olympic Sailing Programs

The IOBG Humanitarian Foundation's objective is to implement our founding fathers' vision of serving mankind through the use of the extraordinary talents, international relationships and the business experience of our members. In support of this goal, the Foundation focuses on:

Strategic Partnerships
Volunteer Service Opportunities
Grants to Approved Causes

Each IOBG yacht club chapter may support the Foundation by:

Annual Fundraising Events
Individual Member Contributions
Donation of Time and Talent
Solicitation of Personal and Corporate Contributions through Personal Contacts

How You Can Help?

The IOBGHF is a volunteer organization, which depends on generous contributions of time and talent. Not all people can participate in administration and operation of the IOBGHF, but if you do want to make a world of difference, catch our spirit and make hope a reality, you can make a tax deductible contribution to the IOBGHF in the following ways:

Cash Contributions, Property Donations
Security or Real Estate Gifts
Naming the Foundation as a Beneficiary in your Will or Trust
Assignment of Insurance Proceeds to the Benefit of the Foundation
Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trusts - which may provide your estate with significant tax planning benefits.